Luuup Litter Box
"This is without a doubt the best little box. I was going to buy the more expensive mechanical ones, but figured they would eventual break. Plastic, non mechanical litter boxes last forever and never needs fixing. I have 4 cats and two boxes. It take approximately 1 minute to clean both boxes. No BS. I would recommend you getting a trash can with appropriate fresheners to empty the used litter."
Very pleased
"I absolutely love this litter box. It’s easy to use and works great. Thank you!"
Patricia Frost
No more scooping of the **** !
"This is a really novel approach to doing the deed ! I was wary of three sieves holding my cat’s business - liquid & solid. I used the 24/7 tidy cats performance, found recommended on your site. It clumps all the business & catches any liquid before it makes its way to the third tray. Sifting is a breeze and poof, into a bag it goes. A little flexing of the tray looses any clumps adhering to the sides. My cat is 12 pounds, so she sometime aligns across the tray instead of lengthwise and gets her *** on the side of tray. It runs down but is contained by the litter. A little wash down of the top tray is necessary, but easily done & dried. Make the 180 rotation and add into its top, the two top trays and you’re done ! I like the tabs that create the rocking motion if not aligned properly, easily telling you to try again. Great engineering !"
Jeffrey H.
Best Litter Box EVAH!
"So simple to use, the litter box is sturdy, not flimsy plastic. Nice color. A little pricey."
Dennis Cornwall
I never thought this chore would be kinda fun!
"Super easy and I do it more often than I did before, so everyone in the household is happier now."
"These boxes are a great smell-saver! They make it easy to keep the litter clean and our home smelling fresh. They do require a tiny bit more attentiveness to where you pick them up and how they are reassembled. We will never go back to regular litter boxes!"
Renee McHugh
"Luuup 3 Sifting Tray Litter Box"
Kristi Coleman
Easiest litter box ever
"I love how much time this litter box saves me. It’s easy to use and makes cleaning the litter box a little less awful"
Phenomenal Litter System
"This plus PrettyLitter was the smartest purchase I've made for my cat's health and my home's cleanliness in years. No joke, I had no idea how easy Luuup would make the most dreaded of chores for cat owners. I actually stay on top of cleaning their sh*t! It's truly great. Buy it, you WILL NOT be disappointed! One thing I'd like to see is a cover, to minimize any urine spray from my male cat."
Jenny B
"These litter boxes are fantastic. So easy to clean! I love them and I recommend them to any cat lover. Wish they had been around when my mother was alive, they would have been so easy for her to clean. No backbreaking scooping."
Janis Larson
"The litter boxes turned out deeper and bigger than expected which, in this case, is a good thing. It’s as easy to clean and use as advertised and has Exceeded our Expectations."
C. A.
You need it
"That litter box works amazing! Exactly like it is presented! Just be sure to put the right amount of litter (4 inches deep) like they said and you’ll see the magic of the gliding plastic used to make the trays work as promised! Right now I’m using like the cheapest brand of litter you can find but I’m thinking to change for something more efficient and natural even if his cost is high to prevent any odor and because I know I will save a lot of it anyway because of the cleaning technique! Just don’t know yet how long it will take before the plastic get used and doesn’t work anymore, but I’m sure it will take years if you and your cat doesn’t scratch it that’s why it is important to follow the instructions that come in the package box! *be sure to be able to lift a certain weight because it can be kind of heavy when you lift the upper tray for the cleaning * Think about putting the litter box at your height so it will be easier to lift the trays and you won’t hurt your back. If you are ready to change your cleaning routine for something different yet more efficient than anything else, the Luuup litter box is for you!"
Cassandra Ouellette
Best Ever Litter Box
"Recommended for ease of use. Cat adjusted to it quickly."
Love Luuup
"We have tried many types of the sifting cat litter boxes...Luuup is the best. We have 3 boxes. So easy to clean. And our cats seem to like them too!"
Jackie Goree
Great Litter Box
"This litter box is life changing, so easy to use. Would highly recommend."
this thing aint no crapper
"perfect solution. i put my old scooper in the paper shredder."
Austen Jennings
Amazing service and product!
"First of all I'd like to thank the customer support team for taking care of me. I had an issue with shipping that was addressed and resolved in a matter of days and I still received my box within 1 week! My cats are diggers which worried me about them peeing on the bottom of the tray. But because they are non stick it's not even an issue! I was also concerned about now having a lid but I think my cats prefer the open box as they are both senior cats now and have more room to move around and be comfortable. We use Worlds Best Cat Litter (red bag) and it works like a dream! Overall I would highly recommend this product. It's saved me so much time and effort, causes less mess, and we don't waste perfectly good litter from over scooping anymore"
Andrea Thiessen
Luuup kitty litter box
"This is my second one I have purchased. Love it."
Trudy Garrett
Easiest litter box ever.
"It’s as simple as it gets. It’s easy to clean and easy on the eyes. It’s quality for the cost."
Thomas Uptagrafft
Good poop box :)
"This is a good place for cats to poop thanks! If I was a cat I would poop here knowing my human would happily and easily clean my poop up with a smile on their face :)"
Lauren Van Der Haegen
"Great Product.... just make sure to practice using it .....:-)"
Mitch Cohen
"Can’t think of anything to improve. Works flawlessly."
Lee Maher
Get the chore done quicker
"I have 4 kittens right now. I've been having to scoop the box out twice a day. Luuup just made that chore so much faster. Buying a second one now."
Daniel Lane
"So much easier than getting down on my hands and knees to clean the litter pan. Getting down was easier then trying to get back up at 76."
Sue Wood
Follow Directions
"When I first used the product I thought it was defective because there was litter all over. Then I read the very clear direction and the product worked as advertised. I love it, cleanup is easy and it takes half the time to tidy up after our very messy cats. I highly recommend this product."
Joseph Zammitta
Smart, easy and long wearing—worth the money
"My partner recently got kittens and bought a cheap knockoff of the Luuup design; big mistake! Luuup’s surfaces are carefully designed to be non-stick; the walls of the box are higher, and Luuup’s rounded corners make for effortless clump removal. Thoughtful design makes for easy clean up, which means happy cats. Guess who bought some Luuup boxes just now?! Don’t worry about the price — buy one good thing once. Thank you Luuup!"
Great Product
"We bought 3 Luup litter boxes when the deal was on, Buy two get one free as we have 4 cats. Hope to get another one in the near future. Easy to clean and very nice looking."
Penny Johnson
Give it a try
"I recently purchased the Luup. Very happy with it. With 2 grown cats and a new kitten it is all it needs to be. It has made the cleaning of the litter box a lot easier and I don't mind doing it more often. I do have a problem with leakage onto the floor. This could be due to the litter I am using, which is currently Meijer brand. I am going to purchase a recommended brand and see if it gets better. I did purchase a rubber mat for $1.99 to put under it and I assume this will take care of the problem. Overall, the product does exactly what it says it does. Could be a bit bigger since I have a really big cat. But the B2G1 allows me to use 4 stacking at all times. I don't recommend it if you have problems lifting because it is heavy and it is a struggle for someone like me in my advanced years."
Love it
"This is the easiest way to keep the litter box clean that I have ever tried."
Linda Ryan
Best Litter Box
"It works great!"
Sherry Woodruff