Why is Luuup Litter better?

Simplicity at it finest. Say goodbye to trips to the store, frequent changes, or top ups. Every bag is specially formulated to work perfectly with your Luuup Litter Box.  Empty one whole bag into each box and sift once daily per cat. 

Luuup Cat Litter absorbs & eliminates moisture while locking in odor, which means you don't need to refill your litter box for an entire month. Cleaning is easy thanks to its silica based formula. It's lightweight, easy to handle and doesn't clump! That means no more messy sticking issues.

Luuup Litter is designed to be smart. Intelligent crystals turn shades of yellow to green when your cat is healthy. All other color reactions indicate veterinarian care may be required if they last more than two days. You get the added peace of mind of our color health technology monitoring your cats health every step of the way.