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Luuup Instructions - Step 1

Stack the three sifting trays so that the rockers on adjacent trays alternate and overlap as shown.


Add between 15 lbs, (7 kg.) , of clumping cat litter , (to an approximate depth of 3” - 4", (7-10 cm). All cats are unique when it comes to the use of their litter box. Be mindful to maintain a litter level that allows urine to clump before reaching the bottom of the tray.

Luuup Instructions - Step 3

To clean, lift the top tray and the waste is separated from the clean litter. Keep the sifting tray low inside the bottom tray while sifting to minimize dust. Being gentle helps minimize clump breakage.

Luuup Instructions - Step 4

After disposing of any waste, check the tray to make sure no litter clumps have adhered to the plastic surface. Wipe the tray clean with a paper towel, as necessary. If ever any small litter clumps get stuck in the slots, remove them before placing the tray back in the stack.

Luuup Instructions - Step 5

Turn the tray 180 degrees and place it at the bottom of the stack. You’ll know the bottom tray is turned the right way when it matches the same orientation as the top tray in the stack.


Lift the two tray stack containing the litter by the outer edge of the lower tray. Gently place the stack in the bottom tray and you're done. If the bottom tray is stacked incorrectly, the litter will rock back and forth, instead of nesting together. Simply remove the bottom tray and return it to the correct position if this happens.