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Joy G. -  Early Reviewer

This is by far my favourite litter I have ever used! Not only does it look so pretty I can hardly believe it’s cat litter, but it also works wonders on odor control. Every time my cat’s little paws step onto this litter, it reminds me of a spa-like experience for him. The biggest benefit for me though is its ability to tell more about his health. It gives me peace of mind that I’m proactively monitoring his health between check-ups.

Kelly S. -   Early Reviewer

This litter makes all the difference with my finicky orange tabby, he was having 'accidents' all over the house with regular clay litter, now with Luuup litter, we are never looking back! 

Sam B. Early Reviewer
A simple solution that can save a life. I had been using Luuup Litter for a few months when I noticed a deep blue color while doing a litter change. I checked the litter again after each of my cats had used it and discovered my older male cat Zooks, had turned the litter blue.

He is a senior cat that had developed a blockage from crystals in his urinary tract before. I was unaware that he was having a problem until I found him soaked in urine and blood in his bed and he was in need of an emergency procedure to remove the blockage from his urinary tract. It was so much stress for us both, I almost lost him and I spent thousands of dollars on his care. 

As soon as I was alerted to the change in the ph of his urine I made an appointment with the vet. His tests showed a mild infection that was easily treated with an antibiotic injection and fluids administered under his skin. Luuup Litter saved my boy from a mild infection becoming a life-threatening condition and me potentially thousands of dollars in veterinary care.

I am so grateful I have a way to know if my cats need help before it becomes life-threatening and expensive to treat. Our cats may not be able to tell us when something is wrong but Luuup Litter can.