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Luuup Litter is perfectly designed for the Luuup 3 sifting tray litter system.

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Choose the number of Luuups in your house. One bag per Luuup!

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A one month supply of Luuup Litter is delivered monthly.

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Fill your box with a bag of Luuup Litter. It lasts an entire month.

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The perfect cat litter for your Luuup system.

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Color Health Technology

Luuup Litter's intelligent cyrstals turn shades of yellow to green when your cat is healthy. If other color reactions last longer than two days, consult your veterinarian.

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Top 3 Reasons to Try Luuup Litter

It Continually Monitors Your Cat's Health

It Saves You Time, Money and Litter

It's Designed to Work with Your Luuup System

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On average, owners of healthy cats spend $200 a year on routine veterinary care and owners of cats with chronic health issues spend notably more. 

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