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Before Luuup litter my senior male cat Zuki developed a crystal blockage in his urinary tract that almost killed him, it was a long recovery for him and for me it was a considerable emotional and financial strain. Trying out Luuup Litter, I noticed a change in color that led to the early detection of a UTI. Catching it early allowed him to recover quickly and saved me thousands of dollars in medical care.

-Sam B.

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This is by far my favourite litter I have ever used! Not only does it look so pretty I can hardly believe it’s cat litter, but it also works wonders on odor control. Every time my cat’s little paws step onto this litter, it reminds me of a spa-like experience for him. The biggest benefit for me though is its ability to tell more about his health. It gives me peace of mind that I’m proactively monitoring his health between check-ups. 

-Joy G.

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