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In a sea of uninspired and clunky pet products, our goal was to make the best litterbox period.

Luuup Dimensions: W: 15.4" L: 20.2" H: 5.2" (7.5” with the spill guard)

Anti Spill

It’s Antimicrobial

To help your litter box stay fresh and odour-free while prolonging the life of the litter box.

Anti Spill

It’s Economical

Our innovative litter sifting system removes only what needs to go so litter lasts longer while saving you money.

Anti Spill

It’s Easy-to-Clean

We know your to-do list is long. With our perpetual sifting system you’ll be done in seconds with less mess and more ease.

Anti Spill

It Guards Spills

We made it even smarter and added a spill guard to help contain litter and minimise clean-up.

  • Got this a few weeks ago, love love love it!!!!! We have gone through so many trying to find a good one, the search is over!

  • I love ours also you have not purchased one???? Don't wait!!!

    • Susan
  • I LOVE this litter box. I've had it for two weeks and have never noticed an odor. It's so easy to use. My old box now seems so primitive. Kudos to the inventor of this product. Life is so much easier now.

    • Cynthia
  • I just love mine !!! A must have !!!

    • Deborah
  • Love my Luuup btw!! Gifted one to my old roommated and they love it too! Still using the shipping box as a cat shack or as I call it, "Idiot Town".

    • Matt
  • OMG!!! Best "cat pan" ever. The Kitties love it and we love it! Easy to clean and a definite sand saver! Thank You Thank You Thank You

    • Meredith
  • Don't want to oversell it, but I genuinely LOVE my new @luuupproducts litter box!

    • Erin
  • I got my four boxes and set them up and I am THRILLED!!! I foster cats and the cat box situation was a nightmare. Now it's zip zip and I'm done. You have saved my sanity.

    • Holly
  • We got our two litter boxes and we LOVE them. The are wonderful and work well and look great. Good job, you guys. Thanks, our lives are much better now.

    • Gail
  • Ok, the verdict is in... I LOVE THIS LITTERBOX!

    • Karen
  • I am so happy - my new Luuup has arrived - I read the instructions, added the litter, put in a bit of the litter from the previous box,(so that he would recognise the scent), and Togger and I are all set. It is just as beautiful as I expected.

    • Cathy
  • Looooove the product! It has made cleaning the litter box a breeze. :) Is it possible to still order a few more?

    • Christy
  • So after one day I can tell you wholeheartedly that the #luuup #litterbox is #awesome. I have never had a less shitty time cleaning litter.

    • Jordan
  • Overall, this litter box is actually life-changing. It sounds dumb, but you made cleaning my litter box a pleasant and quick experience. Thank you!! - this product is genius and you guys deserve all the kudos.

    • Elise